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TextMate Find in Project Slow in Rails

Update: Don’t bother with the crap I spewed below. Just head over to Rail Spikes. There are a couple options if you read the post and comments.

I do a ton of project finds when programming in Rails using TextMate. “Find in project” (cmd-shift-F) is my master. If you do the same thing, you probably have noticed that over time this feature becomes slower and slower. What is the most likely cause?

Log files bring you down

Log roll
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The lowest hanging fruit on the slow-TextMate tree are log files. TextMate loads just about everything into memory as it’s searching. If you’re not careful, log files can become large and quite literally in charge. You have a couple options to make things nice.

The most obvious solution to a Rails programmer would be to execute rake log:clear. Snip snip and your log files are no longer a resource hog.

A more permanent solution is to right-click on the the log file in your TextMate project and select “Remove from project.” At the prompt, simply tell TextMate to “Delete References.” Even with this nuclear solution in place, it’s still probably a good idea to rake log:clear on occasion.