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The Kid in Russian

Below I talked about a weird little thing I found when looking through stats provided by Google Webmaster Tools. I recently tied that product up to Scrawlers and this here bjhess.com. When scouring through the data, I ran into one other very interesting link back to my web site.

It seems a web site in Russia, a news site from what I can tell, was linking back to bjhess.com. Obviously I had to see what that was about. Imagine my surprise when I find a picture of The Kid accompanying a news story.

Judging from the Google translation (below) of the site, I believe a Russian newsy searched Flickr for the words “kid” and “kitty” and landed at this particular picture in my Flickr account. I do have creative commons licensing on my photos, the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license, but I suppose this sort of thing comes with the territory. It’s arguable, but I’m pretty sure the photo is being used on a commercial web site if not being sold directly.

Why would a Russian newspaper be searching for pictures of kids and kitties, you ask? The translation leads me to believe there is some sort of viral outbreak somewhere in Russia. Particularly, the outbreak seems to be prevalent among kids who like petting stray kitties. I don’t think that picture really describes the story, but sure enough there is a kid and a kitty in it.