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Two Weeks of Web Developing

It’s been two weeks now without a job. Time is flying, which is something I should be aware of if not concerned about. Often in a situation such as mine, the statement “time is flying” would be a bad phrase to utter. Typically this is followed by “and I haven’t gotten a thing done.” Fortunately for me, that is not the case at all.

I have a general idea of what I want to be doing, and I’ve been pretty unrelenting in my focus. I’ve turned down one job opportunity because it did not feel right on multiple levels. I also turned down a short, two-week project simply because it arrived at a bad time. I have a gentleman’s agreement with a consultancy based in NYC. If they have an “appropriate project,” they will be in touch with me. The meaning of that statement confuses me as much as it does you.

I am not at a loss for leads. A nontrivial portion of my work day is spent, not on finalizing the Alpha release of Scrawlers, but on following various leads. I’m fairly focused on the type of technology (Ruby on Rails) I wish to work with. My acceptable locations to work from are my home and occasionally a coffee shop up the street. My net is not being cast wide. But the leads keep coming.

The desire of my friends and acquaintances is what has amazed me more than anything else. Everyone I run into, be it online or off, has a company name, the name of a friend, or an email address to give me. Folks I’ve only talked to in passing are ready to help, and indeed stand up for me if necessary. I’ve been in touch with business owners, entrepreneurs, and consultants all because of the kind people I’ve met throughout my life.

It reminds me that people are inherently good. When we choose to, we all have an uncanny ability to put ourselves in the shoes of those around us. My eyes have been opened to my deficiencies in this area. Certainly there have been times when I could have offered a message that would lead to a helpful connection for another person, but for whatever reason I chose not to speak up.

As much as we may all be dulled by the trappings of modern society, as humans we still yearn for communication. Don’t be afraid to approach someone and offer help, even if you only have a wisp of a relationship with that person. You may never understand the breadth of the impact you can have on those around you unless the tables are turned and you become the beneficiary.