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Amazon Fixes Subscribe and Save

Everyone knows someone who claims to have invented a national catch phrase. For instance, “take a chill pill” originated at my middle school. And I invented the term “redonkulous.” Well, it was either me or one of two friends. The term did not originate with The O.C. as Urban Dictionary describes.

Well, now the coiner of “redonkulous” has fixed Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. A series of about four emails, starting with this one I posted a while back, led to me convincing Amazon that their Subscribe and Save program was broken. The propaganda distributed by Amazon with shipments and on their web site very clearly stated that Subscribe and Save items should ship free, no questions asked, no fees, and all of that.

After a few claims by Amazon representatives that their advertising was in fact lying, they finally started singing a different tune. Technology reasons, they said, and they didn’t know when the problems would be fixed nor could they notify me when they had. In the meantime, I was told to order Subscribe and Save items and then contact Amazon for a shipping refund. That wasn’t an option since the convenience was kind of destroyed at that point.

But now you can order Amazon Subscribe and Save items with free shipping, regardless of if the items are over or under $25. You can thank me for uncovering this significant problem in a rather high-profile Amazon program. Or, heck, maybe Amazon could thank me. Yeah, that’d be nice - redonkulously nice.