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Distributed Team Horseplay

Working day-in and day-out in a distributed team means you need to find creative ways to goof off with your teammates. Decorating a desk or pinning a questionable picture on someone’s cube wall is not really an option.

Enter David Hasselhoff. I’d like to claim I came up with the idea of Hoffing a co-worker, but it seems rather unlikely. Hasselhoff has been a cultural icon across the world, and a cultural joke in America, for years now. I don’t remember any one telling me about Hoffing. Perhaps it seeped into my unconscious somewhere along the line.

The tools of a good Hoffing are:

Find a compromising picture of The Hoff, fire it through a short URL generator, and you have yourself a perfect bomb for the Hoff wars.

Enter Get Hoffed

After visiting Brian in Portland, I realized that this Hoffing thing is a pretty big deal. Apparently he had been Hoffing people years ago on a public forum. The first thing he did to me after saying hello was to business-card Hoff me. The fact of the matter is, there is not only a desire to Hoff, but also to be Hoffed.

With an Erik-Kastner-like giddiness, last Friday I set to building gethoffed.com last Friday. It was an excuse to try some new tools. I built a couple API (Twitter, Flickr) slurpers and started generating the site yet that day. As of today the site updates every 15 minutes with fresh content from Flickr and the latest Hoff-tweets. It may surprise you to find that every day someone writes about David Hasselhoff on Twitter.

I’d like to add a Delicious link search, but I swear they don’t offer a site-search API. I thought a YouTube search would be nice, but their videos seem to be redundant more than anything.

Whatever you do, be sure to save this link for a long time. It is your trump card.