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Kauffman Stadium, Day 2

Dashing off another quick batch of pictures from the Good Guys disappointing loss at The K.

As expected, Francisco Liriano’s return was a bit rocky.

The King is back.

Hot chocolate and baseball, two great tastes…well, during playoff baseball.

Hot Cocoa

Hard to tell, but the sun did come out for moments today. One particularly fun moment was when the sun came out for 10 seconds right as the Royals shortstop, Tony Pena, Jr., looked up to catch a popup. Well, he didn’t catch it after that flash of sun.

This picture is a field view from just after that play.


Jose Guillen topped that error in the first inning by plain dropping a fly ball in the outfield. The Royals fans hate Guillen, by the way. Probably because he’s not hitting right now. And they say only the east coast fans drift from day-to-day.

I was disappointed in the quality of fans at KC. Everywhere we sat involved scream-at-the-top-of-their-lungs loudmouths behind us yelling gems like “hit the ball, Tehan, the object of the game is to hit the ball!”, “Yeah, sit down! That’s it, sit down!” (to Twins fans), and “Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” (for about 15 seconds after a mid-inning prize).

Royals child-fans go shirtless for their moment of fame.

Shirtless Royals kids.

While Liriano needed to go out anyway, it appeared quite clear that 90 pitches was his pre-game-determined limit:

Thanks, F-bomb.

Royals fans mainly prefer beachballs to baseball. And who can blame them?!