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Meanwhile, Apple Says "Nevermind"

Assuming my main machine comes back to life, I’m not planning on upgrading it to OS X Leopard. Too many headaches for something that’s not broken (again, we’re talking about the OS here!).

One advantage of having an “old” OS X Tiger machine is that it includes Safari 2, rather than the new Safari 3 on Leopard. As a web application developer, it’s nice to have Safari 2 and Safari 3 available to me. Since I have a Mac Mini with Safari 3, it appeared I had the best of both worlds.

Unfortunately, Apple wants me to upgrade my OS X Tiger version to version 10.4.11, which includes a forced install of Safari 3. While I knew this was a long shot, I figured I’d call my newly minted AppleCare line to ask Apple how I can keep my OS X install up-to-date with out bringing in Safari 2. The representative said she knew of no way around Safari 3, but suggested I post to the Apple support forums.

And so I did.

Is there a good way to take the 10.4.11 OS X update without taking Safari 3? I use my MacBook for software development, and would like to keep Safari 2 on this machine for testing. I have a Mac Mini with Leopard for testing on Safari 3.

Any ideas? Did a search but couldn’t find anything pertinent.


There were a couple of replies. One seemed too “might-worky” and the other just seemed like too much work with too much opportunity to bork my machine.

Imagine my surprise when I then received this email from Apple.

Your post “ Upgrading to 10.4.11, but keeping Safari 2 ” has been removed from Apple Discussions as it promotes violating copyrights, circumventing DRM, CSS or other encryption.

From the Terms of Use “Do not submit software or descriptions of processes that break or otherwise ‘work around’ digital rights management software or hardware. This includes conversations about ‘ripping’ DVDs or working around FairPlay software used on the iTunes Store.”

Please see the Apple Discussions Terms of Use for more information on the appropriate use of Apple’s Discussion forums. http://discussions.apple.com/help.jspa#terms

Each Discussion user is required to agree to these terms before gaining posting privileges. You reserve the right to not post on Apple Discussions should you disagree with these terms.

Apple Discussions Staff

Nevermind, Apple. Maybe I should just disregard Safari 2 as you apparently have?