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MinneBar 2008 and Distributed Teamwork

Distributed Team
Photo by Yves Hanoulle

MinneBar forewarning. I will be participating in a panel discussion on distributed teamwork. I put out a call a while back and received several responses. A good core group has formed, all with varying experiences in the distributed, or “virtual,” team environment.

My experience is clearly with Iridesco working on Harvest. My focus will be on ways to find a distributed team to work with as well as the tools we use to communicate. Soapbox-wise, I’ll be pretty adamant about creating an actual team that includes a bit of play with their work. We’re hacking on a new piece of Harvest that we think will improve this situation. We also have been trying other ways to establish a distributed watercooler.

I hope to see you at MinneBar. If you are interested in distributed teams, please come participate in our panel discussion. Even if you are just considering breaking those corporate shackles for a more humane work environment, what a great way to jump start your search!