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Twitter Has Rewrite Problems

This past week I did some work on Scrawlers to align any search credit received from links to both the scrawlers.com and www.scrawlers.com addresses. I was reminded of this “must do” by Patrick McKenzie over at MicroISV on a Shoestring. Naturally it took me a few months to deal with the issue, but it’s more-or-less done.

More recently we’ve started exploring some ways to make use of Twitter on Harvest. To get familiar with Twitter, and at the encouraging of Eirik Solheim, I signed up for a Twitter account under my moniker as well for Scrawlers.

For some reason I first entered the Twitter URL with those pesky ‘w’s.


I was not surprised to see that Twitter rewrites that URL without the “www”. In fact, it made me realize I’m rewriting my Scrawlers URL’s in the wrong direction! What did surprise me is that their URL rewriting is causing an additional forward-slash to make its way into the URL.


This doesn’t happen when entering a simple http://www.twitter.com. However, take any more-complex Twitter URL and prepend it with a “www” and you’ll see what I mean. Doesn’t seem to impact usage of the site, but it certainly was something I didn’t expect to see on a heavily trafficked site like Twitter.