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Two Macs? No Problem!

I’m a two computer guy. I like to have a slave machine around for offloading non-critical, but important, work tasks like listening to music, web-browsing, chatting, etc. Up until the end of December, my slave machine was a PC with the master being a MacBook. No longer. I felt a Mac was better suited to these tasks, and I grew tired of switching between the Windows XP and OS X UI’s whenever I moused over to my attached PC. Oh, and my PC was so infected with something that half the web sites I hit up wouldn’t even load. A Mac Mini was purchased and happiness is soon to follow.

I had been using Synergy (with snazzy GUI’s like SynergyKM) to share a single keyboard and trackball between systems. This worked well for a time. Booting up a new OS X Leopard machine found me spending a lot of time trying to get these Macs talking to each other. Odd that it’d be so difficult for me to get these like systems on speaking terms.

Enter Teleport, a mouse-keyboard sharing app designed by Macs and for Macs. Brainless configuration and I’m up and running. Synergy is a little more seamless once it’s working, but Teleport is a good option that has saved me a few hours. The only thing I notice is that mousing isn’t quite as precise on the remote machine as I’d like it to be. There’s a near-imperceptible lag.