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Virtual Teamwork or You Can Go Home Again

Over the past year I have entered into a new world of working from home as part of a “virtual team.” This team situation carries with it most of the issues of a typical team as well as its own, unique hurdles. Working in a home office adds even more particulars.

In less than three weeks, MinneBar will be upon us again. This event provides a great opportunity to talk about virtual teams and working from home. I’d like to put together a discussion of such things, with a few people who hold varying roles in a virtual team structure to provide direction.

If you plan to be at MinneBar and spend 80% or more of your “billable time” working as part of a virtual team, please get in touch either via comment or email. Hopefully we can draw 3-6 folks with various viewpoints. I believe the hottest topics will be idea generation, project ownership, and team building. As for structure, I’d like to mostly spur on a group discussion rather than talk at people. Since I basically have zero experience presenting, suggestions are welcome.

While I think the challenges of working from home (You Can Go Home Again) are interesting, Virtual Teamwork is probably a topic that is more in demand. Though, I’m certainly open to focusing on the home office if that is seen as a better target. Get in touch and we can smooth the idea out - virtually.