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Leaving the Corporate Nest (Fin)

Nearly 11 months ago I began a blog series meant to document all of the mental roadblocks that long stood in the way of my career fulfillment. Last week I finally put the series to rest with a post about the negative and positive roles of dreams.

It was a great experience writing these posts. Forcing myself to consider all of the reasons I might have stayed in the corporate fold gave me even more confidence in the path I have taken. It has also been fun discussing these topics with friends and colleagues. The many friendly disagreements were the most eye-opening of all!

Special thanks to Luke Ibis, Nathan Melcher, and Todd Rud. They each read my articles, gave great advice on form and editing, helped me to focus the message, and disagreed with me many times over. I appreciate all they have done to support me.

I just reread each of the posts again before writing this. I hope you can find some value in giving them one more read as well.