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Thawing the Brain

“Maximizing Developer Value” was the unfortunate subtitle of Code Freeze 2009, held yesterday at the University of Minnesota. The most interesting theme was more approachable: brain hacking. Some highlights:

Kicking off a new year makes it easy for me to live in “try new things” territory. I took a shower without NPR playing on the shower radio and suddenly I came up with the perfect idea for my first RUM presentation. I may also make lawn mowing a podcast-free zone, assuming summer/global warming ever returns. Music will be an ambiance for email checking. And I may have to invest in a sock monkey to talk to since I’m 1200 miles from the nearest work conversation.

Suggested reading: Brain Rules, The Productive Programmer, Pragmatic Thinking & Learning.

(Panel: Luke Francl, Nate Schutta, and Neal Ford.)