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The Twins Secret Stadium Weapon

Target Field awaiting the Twins
Photo by John McNab

In recent years this blog has become a repository for technical posts of little interest to my original audience. In the blog’s former life, I wrote more on politics and baseball. Nothing merged these topics better than the Minnesota Twins’ stadium push.

Through it all, I was both for and against the stadium. I desperately wanted a ballpark for my personal enjoyment of the game I love. But I could not level the economic costs to the public in my mind.

Shane at Greet Machine was the biggest stadium proponent on the web. He engaged anyone and everyone in the ballpark debate - even little old me. Frankly, his passion had me coming around from a self-serving supporter to a true believer in a publicly funded ballpark at the time the Minnesota legislature voted on the bill.

I am just one of hundreds, possibly thousands, of Minnesotans that Shane influenced through his relentless campaign to share information about the new ballpark and the process around getting it built. Shane quite literally helped change the face of Major League Baseball in Minnesota, and I salute him.

Tomorrow the Twins play their first game at Target Field. I will have the good fortune to be in attendance. Certainly Shane will be there as well. If you read this, Shane, I’m buying you a beer (or a suitable alternative) Friday evening as we take in a game of baseball complete with the smell of grass and the coziness of a proper ballpark. Just let me know where you’re sitting.