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30 Days of Exercise

Recently I read The Power of Less. The biggest take away for me was the techniques the author uses to develop habits. Form habits with the smallest, simplest activity that could reasonably be considered useful. Keep the activity up for 30 days. Thereafter slowly build on the newly formed habit.

A prime example is exercise. I am terrible at keeping up with exercise. It is not a habit that comes easy to me. I like exercise that goes with an activity like basketball. Yet the injury risk of team sports does not appeal to me.

I am beginning a 30-day challenge. It starts simple: 5 minutes of exercise every day for a week. I’ll add 5 minutes to the daily allotment the following week and so on until exercising 20 minutes per day the last week of the month. If that doesn’t form a habit, I’m not sure what will.

Care to join me with your own 30-day challenge? I plan to keep things public on Twitter. If Twitter’s not your thing, feel free to email me via the link in the footer. I’m accessible!