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Drawing Dots

Kim Ku, Harvest designer, has been blogging about her 2012 ideas. Quite inspiring. Today:

As a kid, I drew lots of random dots on pieces of paper and challenged myself to make drawings using all of them. It became more of an exercise of making the best of the circumstances/materials you have.

I have spent a lot of time over the past few years figuring out the best tools to do my work. From a fancy Mac for coding to a spiffy notebook for scribbling mockups. I am not going to argue against picking the best tools for the job. A snappy computer makes a huge difference.

Unwrapping the books and pens is satisfying, but I sometimes find them too nice. Paying three or four times the market rate for a notebook makes me think twice about using it. It is good to be reminded that even the simplest tools allow me to draw dots.