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Sparkly Dollar

Last night Middle lost a tooth. More correctly, Middle’s tooth was forcibly removed under light pressure. Her fourth loose tooth was a danglin’.

A non-scientific historical survey tells me it falls to the father to put his foot down and yank these things. I haven’t done it once. I can’t tell if the kids are scared of me doing it or if they’re so not scared of me (in general) as to assume I’d do it incompetently if I tried. They are resistant to my threats. And so my wife is the bad guy.

Before bedtime Middle insisted the tooth fairy would bring her a “sparkly dollar.” Middle explicitly asked for as much in the note she wrote to TF. I asked several times, “What is a sparkly dollar?” It took me about three tries to even figure out what Middle was saying. She finished with a “You’ll see what it looks like in the morning!”

And I did. A sparkly dollar is exactly as you’d imagine it. May all your dollars be sparkly!