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With the projects I’m working on right now I have found myself creating a log.txt file in each project’s folder. Since I’m working in code, these files are even stored in source control. They are there for anyone working on the project to update, though there are generally only two of us working in the project and I’m the only one using the file.

Probably what these files in each project need to be is a developer log. A README can be used for project-specific discoveries that need shared with multiple people. I know there are softwares out there designed just for this dev log purpose, but I’m hesitant to pick up one more writing tool (iA Writer, Bear Notes, Sublime Text, Micro.blog, Write.as, etc). Editing a text file with whatever software I please might be the way to go.

Once upon a time I used Automator with keyboard shortcuts to open up a text file in my view, name it, and plop in whatever it is I learned at the moment. It was pretty nice, but when it comes to dev logs I think that a single file has its advantages. It is easily searchable in one spot. Text files could work, though it might be nice to have a little styling with clickable links and formatting.

I wonder how many years I would have to write in the file before it became too big and unweildy?