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Magazines at Your Library

I’m a big fan of the Libby app. It is fairly pretty, makes managing my want-to-read lists pretty easy, and does a bang-up job shuttling off checked-out books to my Kindle. It tries some unique user interfaces, and they don’t all succeed, but I appreciate the effort.

(Aside, I remember the old OverDrive app being pretty terrible, so I will say “Hats Off!” to them because they made Libby. Well done!)

While reading up on what sorts of long-form journalism are actually worth anything these days, I discovered that my local library actually has free issues of many magazines for digital checkout. While I prefer reading on paper (or Kindle), a tablet isn’t too bad of a format in which to read magazines; especially as I’m just trying out if I really want to be reading long-form journalism again. If it becomes a thing I value, I’ll probably subscribe to the magazine(s) directly.

Libby will also offer to subscribe you to the digital magazine, alerting you when the next issue hits the stands. I’ll leave it to you to discover what magazines are worthwhile.