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Now Blogging at Micro.blog

tl;dnr: micro.bjhess.com

Rather than continuing to maintain a stale version of someone’s cool-for-2014 blogging software here on my own server, I have decided to take my blogging to a new home: Micro.blog. It pains me a bit to release some of this control, but Micro.blog is very open and will not be locking down my data in any way. With any luck it continues as is for decades, with my blog running alongside it.

So head over to micro.bjhess.com to check it out. EVEN BETTER would be to join me in blogging there!

For the 10 people who might still be accessing this RSS feed, please follow that feed over there. The primary feed will have both my longer form blog posts and my micro posts. If that’s too much for your taste, here is a feed for just the blog posts.

Oh, and one more thing: this sort of means comments are back in play on my blog for the time being. Micro.blog accounts are free for things like following Micro.bloggers and replying to their (my) posts.