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Writing Is a Muscle

As I put together this new blog, I am going through old links and inspirations. I have collected a fair pile of inspirations of the design, content, and attitude sorts. Though it shouldn’t be surprising, I’m still kind taken back about how vital the attitude bits have been to getting me moving. Rereading these things is also a compounding sort of positive pressure in that it makes me want to document the inspirations. I have started preparing some of this stuff for Commonplace. Guess what putting things into Commonplace makes me want to do: think about and write more things. Yay!

At some point along the way I ran into Matt Webb’s 15 rules for blogging, and my current streak. I skimmed it a bit back then, but wrote it down for later discovery. It’s a very nice set of rules. I think many folks could take away some attitudes that would help them get to writing more. In fact his final rule, “Writing is a muscle,” is a call to write more.

This whole experience in finding and reminding myself of a past discovery has me shedding my hang-ups with the ephemera I’m writing to this blog. As Matt says, writing is a muscle. While I don’t want to dive into the social of Twitter or its ilk, that doesn’t mean jotting off short bursts of words isn’t a valuable exercise. Maybe I should be more Craig Mod and temper my “pathology [of] keeping around so much digital cruft,” but right now I find the working of the muscles useful. If I change my mind, there is nothing to stop me from auto-deleting week-old digital cruft as Craig does.