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Helpful People

R-Rated Movie Club asked:

If you have to learn a public lesson, how do you handle that?

Last night I was at an event in a school gymnasium. I sat in the bleachers high and to the right. Three hours into the evening, I dropped my phone and it found the space between the bleachers and the wall. I heard it bounce off metal and hit the floor twenty-five feet below.

There was nothing to be done but to find someone on staff at the event and ask permission to go retrieve the phone. "This is embarrassing, but..." What was wonderful is the people I talked to had empathy, offered to help right when the event was complete, and even found me in the crowd ten minutes later when it was okay for me to sneak under the bleachers to look for my device.

And can you believe the phone survived with only a few light scratches? Hopefully the internal damage is as minimally impactful over the long term!