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Mar 07, 2007 · see comments

Finally - finally - I’ve installed the latest version of Wordpress. I’ve been rollin’ this blog with version 1.5.2 well past its expiration date. The instigator was my desire to simplify the blog, getting it down to the essentials. So strangely the upgrade was driven by a desire to get a pretty white-bread theme installed. And now all the jazz, gadgets and doohickeys are out of your way so you can just read.

Some things that have arrived with the changes:

  • At the bottom of the front page you’ll find the five most recent comments listed. Also, remember you can subscribe to the comments feed.
  • There will no longer be a near-daily link posting. Instead, the 10 most recent links are along the bottom of the front page. I assume this is a positive change. Let me know if you disagree.
  • I’ve pared down my blogroll quite a bit. I thought about removing it entirely, and I still might, but it really isn’t in the way at the bottom of the front page.

This is also my first post using the unbelievably amazing text editor, TextMate.

Mac + TextMate + ??? = $$$‘s.

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