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Updated Jan 18, 2022.



I am not a designer. While I appreciate pretty, readable, useable, and lightweight (I love lightweight), I am not a designer. Well-designed, beautiful places on the web do inspire me. While some of these sites may have a blog, I had to make a special place to call out the whole package:

Inspirations for My Site

Credit where credit is due, here are some places that inspired this site.

Blogging and Writing

I have maintained a blog in some form since 2004. Those early days had a fair bit of writing as I interacted with blog writers from across the spectrum (I remember many of them being on Xanga). I miss those days! I also need to write for my own well being, but private journaling has not been a habit I’ve been able to maintain long term. It seems I need to hit a publish button to get a little dopamine in the mix. Thankfully some folks, unbeknownst to most of them, have encouraged me to just jump in and write:

Documenting as a Goal

One thing I know about myself is that I’m a list person. In childhood I had lists of my books and my baseball cards. I would even scour baseball boxscores every week in Sporting News, making my own lists of the achievements therin. In other words, as much as I’d like to resist it, I have that human need to document (a link should go here because I read that somewhere). These are some places that encourage me to pursue this goal:


This idea is drawn from the historical commonplace book. It is very similar to the simple documenting goal above, but I consider it a sort of “starring” of found things. Some specific websites also helped me collect my thoughts around this concept: