What's going on now?


A lot has happened at Good Enough since my last update. We embarked on an experiment we dubbed Cosmic Maelstrom – an experiment of experiments as it were. This led to a number of projects. You can see on that page: Yay.Boo, The Good Enough Guestbook, and Quack (Beta). We’ve also worked on a team check-in app called Chicken, a way to make a simple contact form online in Letterbird, and a soon-to-come blogging software named Pika.

Our newsletter keeps trucking along, and we’ve put out a couple of beautiful zines. And there’s certainly more that I’m forgetting!

We planned on be Cosmic until 2024, but it does appear that we’re going to start dipping into focused teamwork after US Thanksgiving. Cosmic hasn’t been all candy and nuts, and one thing we’ve really struggled with was working both Cosmically and working together as a team, which is something we all really enjoy.

The great thing is that we talk about it, learn from each other, and adjust. We’re a polite bunch and this is oddly challenging, but gets easier as we keep practicing. Protip that I need to learn over and over and over: keep practicing things for which you want to get better.


Shortly after the last update we visited Japan and South Korea. It was the trip of a lifetime, and honestly we still can’t really believe the trip was real. Everyone wants to go right back again next year. Simply put, if Japan is anywhere toward the top of your bucket list I highly recommend that you work toward making it happen. It was amazing.

I haven’t yet blogged at all about that trip, but if you scroll down a bit on my travel section you can find some lovely pictures.

The fall has brought back school. The oldest started her sophomore year at college. The middlest is a junior in high school. The youngest is enjoy seventh grade. We’ve been spending our time at music events and cross country meets.

As you probably figured out from my previous newsletter email, we lost a dear friend this fall. This painful event has caused incredible ripples in our lives. We are still living in that space, but trying to remember to count our blessings as our neighborhood family continues to knit closer and closer to each other.

While imperfect, I’ve mostly kept up with my strength-building exercise program. Nutritionally it hasn’t gone quite as well. The good thing is that my strength is progressively growing, and I have a decent idea about what works well for me nutritionally. The tools are in place at least.

Snow collected a bit today and winter is coming. Ahead of us we have many school events, family and college visits, and hopefully a good amount of time just hanging out together. We haven’t thought about any possible travels for next spring or summer. Maybe that’s something to do over the winter as well.

As always, if you would like to update your personal /now page by replying to me and telling me what you're up to, I'm all ears!

This now page is inspired by Derek Sivers and certified fresh on Nov 25th.