What am I up to?


We have one kid graduating in June, so a large part of these final school months are preparing to celebrate her graduation. There have also been a myriad of activities and bow-tyings related to graduation and college in the fall. Alongside that are the billions of activities her sisters are in. And the summer brings marching band season. We're busy!

Winter and spring were very long here, with spring being unusually cold and incredibly windy. I am happy that summer seems to be arriving. We have plans to take a couple trips (Orlando with the marching band and southern Utah for some hiking). We're excited to spend a lot of time together this summer!

And the house is getting new shingles soon.


Earlier this year Shawn and I fell into a surprising rhythm of building software prototypes. We formed Good Enough LLC on April 1st to be the space from which we do our work. Recently we have publicly released:

I've been coding in Ruby on Rails. I tried Elixir and Phoenix, but it didn't quite take. I should write about that at some point. I've also been diving back into making straight HTML+CSS pages, including updating this very website to be just that. No, I'm not even using a static-site generator.