2023 App Defaults

Everybody’s doing it, so why not me? App Defaults has become not only a useful place to discover apps, but also a useful place to discover blogs. I’m a macOS and iOS person, and here are my current defaults:

  • Mail Client: Fastmail

  • Mail Server: Fastmail

  • Notes: Obsidian, with Apple Notes for shared notes

  • To-Do: Todoist

  • iPhone Photo Shooting: iOS Camera

  • Photo Management: Apple Photos

  • Calendar: Apple Calendar, reluctantly

  • Cloud file storage: iCloud Drive

  • RSS: Feedly + NetNewsWire

  • Contacts: Apple Contacts

  • Browser: Arc (macOS), Safari (iOS)

  • Chat: Apple Messages (personal), Slack (work)

  • Bookmarks: Pinboard

  • Read It Later: Omnivore

  • Word Processing: iA Writer (personal), Google Docs (work)

  • Spreadsheets: Google Sheets

  • Presentations: avoidance

  • Shopping Lists: Paprika (groceries)

  • Meal Planning: Paprika

  • Budgeting & Personal Finance: Google Sheets

  • News: avoidance / web browser

  • Music: Apple Music

  • Podcasts: Overcast

  • Password Management: 1Password

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