Writing a post every day in January? That seems far fetched, but I’m going to try. Sometimes that means writing something that doesn’t really have a point. Today is a day for that!

I’ve been on a quest for a clean and organized desk for a minute now. I’m not going for the super-sparse look as I have too many toys to allow for that. (And generally I don’t believe those pictures. There is something hidden away somewhere. Or the pictures are staged. Right?!)

In any case, I’m getting close. Other than the task of just cleaning some last things up, I’d like to build a small desk shelf. Generally these are called monitor stands, but I have my monitors on arms, so let’s call them desk shelves. I’ve day dreamed about something super custom to fit my things “just so,” but the more I think about it I believe something smart, but simple will do the trick. Probably I’ll end up copying a lot from that Grovemade stand linked above, but it will be much less expensive (a rare thing in the world of woodworking).

Now to clean up the floor behind my chair…

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