Coming in just under the wire with a small post.

This week at work has been illuminating to Pika development. We are time-boxing January to get as much done as we can to put a billable product out that is worth paying for. So many compromises need made as we could easily come up with a year’'s worth of work to do for Pika alone. But Pika will be served well with occasional breathing room and we have another idea at hand that is a little more, shall we say, revenue forward. I won’t say much more because that’s better said from the halls of Good Enough.

As a team we’ve had some challenging, but in a good way, conversations. We’ve practiced getting better and better at challenging each other’s assumptions, being comfortable with disagreement, and expressing our perspectives. While we’ve worked together for nearly a year, we’re actually just getting started with truly working together toward our specific team goals and I’m really liking how we’re going about it. For me personally, I sense that 2024 is going to be one of my biggest years of growth as a teammate and a friend. While that implies some difficult things, it’s also quite exciting!

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