Dusted Popcorn

I’m a popcorn addict. Love the stuff.

My parents owned a small town movie theater for about fifteen years, and I think that’s where it escalated for me. After the movies were done the leftover popcorn either went in the trash or in my stomach. More often than not I chose my stomach.

I remember one time in high school I worked a Saturday night and there was a lot of popcorn leftover. “Wasting” the popcorn was not an option, so I filled a very large garbage bag full and brought it home. Back then I was into fantasy football, and I sat in a recliner from noon until 6pm eating popcorn. Nonstop.

By the late afternoon my jaw was in pain. I was a little worried about long-term problems at the time, but thankfully I recovered. Which leads me to…


My friend, Rianna, started a new online popcorn shop late last year and of course I’m all over that! I’ve never been one to flavor my popcorn beyond butter (real butter, not the theater liquified stuff) and salt, so I figured this was a perfect chance to experiment with a few things.

I’ve been making my popcorn (in a Whirley Pop, natch) using canola oil for a while. Why? At some point someone told me canola oil is sort of healthy? But others say it’s definitely terrible for you. I dunno. I do know that this avocado oil is lovely, fresh, and clean. The best cooking medium I’ve had for popcorn aside from coconut oil, which adds a flavor that I enjoy

This seasoning is outstanding! My wife particularly loves it. I like to sprinkle on a spicy oil that I picked up from the shop (no longer available), toss the popped kernels, sprinkle on the ramen, toss again, and binge. I’ve also used ghee oil spray to good effect to prepare the popcorn for the ramen seasoning.

Another dust I’ve enjoyed is furikake, which is wholly new flavor to me

This calico kernel mix from Petersen Family Farm is notably, well, better than other kernels I’ve popped. I can’t really explain it! The price is a bit up there, so I save this for special occasions. As a natural cynic, I figured the kernels wouldn’t be much different than the other options I’ve found, but I was wrong. I think any of the Petersen popcorn is worth a try so you can determine for yourself where these kernels fit in your rotation.

I hope Dusted can keep steadily growing because I’d love to subscribe to a monthly or quarterly popcorn box. For me it’d be filled with lots of kernels, a new dust, and a new topping oil or popping oil.

If you love popcorn, please, get Dusted!

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