FAFSA Season

What a weird thing to say in January, but us U.S.-based, parents-of-college-kids finally got into the delayed FAFSA (basically student-aid-qualification paperwork) three months later than we usually do. It’s a weird launch where the forms are only available certain times a day, and sometimes even in those windows the forms become unavailable. It’s almost like there are people on the other end watching server logs to detected errors.

I really can’t imagine trying to write software for a government contract.

Kind of fun to do the form on a FaceTime call while my daughter is filling out study abroad paperwork with AIFS. We’re thinking her study abroad semester will be less expensive than her typical semesters, which is a bit wild to consider.

Next year we’ll be filling out two of these forms (hopefully in October). It’s odd to have an emotional reaction to what amounts to tax paperwork, but here we are.

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