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Day One has announced a new shared journal product, and I’ll join everyone in talking about it. I’m sure Automattic is thankful for all of the links!

One of Shawn and my ideas during the first year of Good Enough was a private family blog/social network. I had a daughter going off to college, and I thought this would be a great way to socially network with the people I cared about most. We even built a rough prototype, and code-named it Famsterdam.

We could share what we were up to in words and photos, commenting as we went. Shawn’s family used it a little differently. I think they had the social-networky quick things, but also did some longer-form writing. Almost like blog posts.

My family fell out of practice first, in part because we were more connected to the social-network trappings of the day. We tried to pick it up again last summer when we travelled to Japan and South Korea, but it only lasted a couple of days. We all did some level of documenting our trip on social networks, but most of us also did a lot of journaling throughout the trip.

This Day One shared journal looks nearly ideal for a group of people to document a trip. The only sticky point is that everyone in the group should sign up for the Premium plan so that there are no limits on pictures attached per post (the free account is one picture per post). The really cool thing is you can even print a book of the trip after you’re back!

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