I received one if these light therapy lamps as a Christmas gift and I have spent 10 minutes with it in each of the past few days. Daylight is scarce, weather is cold, and I’m hoping I notice an improvement in my mood and sleep with the lamp. The challenge is knowing if it actually works for me!

It’s vogue to talk about self experimentation and all that, but in the end these experiments are all “self anecdotes” in my mind. What I mean is that I can’t possibly control for all of the variables in my life that might effect mood and sleep. Can I spend every day eating the same diet, getting the same movement, and having the same experiences for a long enough period to make the experiment valid? I suppose the disciplined person could possibly account for diet and movement. But experiences? Anxiety? Stress? Relationships? Not possible unless you go into monk mode.

Maybe that’d be great? Maybe each human should take a month to spend in monk mode? The first week would be some sort of planned de-stressing. Then begin the experiments, all with organized HOWTOs and documentation templates. Go in with a few things that you want to test, come out with answers. For your body and your mind at that particular time of your life when a lot of the day-to-day stresses aren’t upon you.

Of course, even those experiments don’t prove anything. They aren’t in a real environment. The things that worked well in the monk environment may not work well in your actual daily life. Though if you’ve discovered food X improves your mood and feelings in monk mode, well, it’s probably a good bet food X is good for you in real life as well. That monk-mode exercise habit will probably pay off when you slam back into reality, too.

Until reality takes over fully. And you can’t do what you know you should do. And the guilt sets in. And not even a HappiestLight will reset your mood.

Life is suffering.

BUT hopefully this light therapy lamp helps to improve my sleep and my mood!

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