How Do Search Ads Run the World?

Google makes $220 billion per year on search ads. Microsoft makes a giant, yet paltry, $20 billion per year. I ask…how?!

Today I spent several hours trying to set up one campaign in Google ads. The last 30-45 minutes were:

Okay, a couple of times I accidentally discovered how to adjust my ads and how to adjust my keywords. Each time it took me like fifteen minutes to find where that was. I’m going to try to write it down.

Even though I had visited these pages several times this afternoon, it took me half an hour to figure where all they were and document it. That should help in the future if…

I don’t end up in one of three different re-skins of their user interface. Our other Google Ads account is in a different interface. When I created this new one it presented the “new” interface, to which I asked it to go into advanced mode ended up in third different interface. O. M. G.

After that I popped to Microsoft Ads. Look! They offer Google Ads import. Hopefully that saves some time. Better enter my credit card to prepare to give them money.

Credit card fails and fails and fails. I end up on a support chat for sixty-plus minutes. I was walked through different iterations of mildly changing addresses and names and so on. “Please write out ‘apartment’, don’t abbreviate.” None of it worked.

So I tried two personal cards. They also failed. When the third card failed, the account was suspended and I am required to submit “government numbers” along with documentation. I’m guessing this is EIN (in the U.S.), but who knows?!

My appeal will be reviewed within ten business days. 🙄

I think there is more to say, but I’m going to end it here. I cannot even.

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