HTTPS Traffic Redirection Service?

I’m wondering if there exists a service that is just for redirecting websites? So I could point my DNS for a domain to the service, and then on the service I define the redirect rules for that domain. I’d pay a few dollars for it.

This need is actually related to my blog right here. Temporarily I defined a custom subdomain Long term, I’d like my Pika blog and site to live at I’m in a bit of a bind because a couple of my blog posts at the temporary subdomain actually got a bit of traffic, and I don’t want to turn those linked blog posts into dead links. I’d like them to redirect to

I use dnsimple as my DNS provider. They have the capability to do this redirection, but for the price of upgrading to a Team plan at $29/month. I’m not a team. No thanks! 

I’ve talked with my Good Enough colleague, James, and he gave me a couple of hacks using GitHub or I might have to go that route.

Now I don’t understand DNS much at all, so maybe this wouldn’t work, but it seems like there is room for a little service where I can house all of my domain-to-domain redirect rules. Do you have any ideas? Get in touch!

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