Keychron Makes Typing Lovely

I’ve really been enjoying these past few months typing on my Keychron Q1 Pro keyboard. I picked up the Carbon Black color with Brown switches.

Prior to this I was using a Kinesis Advantage2. While admittedly the Kinesis is an ergonomic dream, even after nine months I could not get used to the new key mappings. Now did I grind on that thing day in and day out? No. Actually, because I wasn’t enjoying it I would find myself on the couch with my laptop more often than at my desk. Now that is an ergonomic nightmare.

Since getting the Keychron I have hardly ever stepped away from my desk to use my laptop. On occasion I still switch things up, but when I do it is truly get a different environment to break myself out of a funk. In fact I started typing this post on my MacBook Pro (2023) keyboard and it was mentally painful for me. (And it would become physically painful over time. There are words for why it felt uncomfortable typing on the laptop keyboard, but I don’t have them. “Bottoming out” or something?)

There are all kinds of mods that keyboard enthusiasts get into, and preference is preference, but for me this keyboard feels wonderful to type on right out of the box. If you’re thinking about it, I’d say give it a try. (In stock at Amazon US right now!)

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