Making the Web Easier for Blogging

Giles Turnbull writes:

I’ll assume we all agree that owning your own website is a good thing, and we all want more people to do it.

But here’s the thing: we need more tools for it. We need simpler tools for it. And we need to make installing and using them trivially simple.

We need more self-hosted platforms for personal publishing that aren’t Wordpress.

Firstly, and most importantly, YES! Yes, I want us developers to keep iterating self-hosted, installable software. Let’s make it better, easier to use, and accessible for as many people as possible.

I just don’t think it’s practical to expect self-hosted blog/site installations to bring those that are tech-challenged into the fold. Idealistically, yes, it’s probably best to own your own stack. It’s become very hard to trust any software company to keep its promises over time. So if it’s your servers, your domains, and your code/writing, you are in control.

My memory says that in the 2000s you could get a Dream Host account, click a button to install WordPress, and potentially start blogging right there! And maybe all we need is five other not-WordPress blogging options with five other installers. I suggest we do need that. That sounds great!

Even if we streamline the whole process, it’s not without numerous road blocks and general concerns. What if the installer fails? What if everything’s installed, but the user needs to keep triggering upgrades to the software over time? What does the user do when one of those upgrades inevitably fails or screws things up? What if the hosting provider screws up and bricks their server, losing all of their posts? What if the user screws up and destroys all of their posts? Who is going to help them?

I think there is still a lot of room to help solve these problems in the SaaS space. There are still ethical companies that would like to make blogging dead simple for people and that’s it. Companies that don’t want to addict people, don’t want to sell people’s information, and don’t want to use people’s writing for some other nefarious purpose. Companies that have their on take on a novel writing platform. There are actually lots of options out there, and I think there is room for lots more! Please, good people, write more blogging software!

We’re building Pika to provide a beautiful, simple, and joyful blogging software for just about anyone to use. Maybe you want to come along for the ride? No installers necessary.

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