My First Mac

This is going around. Must be because of the fortieth anniversary?

I came late to the Mac game, which is kind of weird. My brother is eight years my senior, and he was the one who put computers in front of me as a youth. He had a Laser 128 on which I played many Apple games (except for Karateka, which didn’t work on the machine).

Later he brought home a NeXT workstation. I wondered aloud to him the other day if the fantastic Lotus Improv spreadsheet program on the NeXT is what finally sent me into a CS degree?

Anyway, none of those are Macs! I used Apple computers in the computer lab at college, while using a NeXT (yes, for one year) or a cheaply built PC in my dorm room.

My first Mac was a “WhiteBook” laptop in 2007. I had shifted careers out of the corporate nest and into a consulting sort of career that quickly had me latching on with Harvest. Ruby on Rails was my muse, and it just worked so much better on Apple hardware. So to Apple I went.

Within a year I had bought a second Mac, a Mac Mini. I’d use VNC to share my keyboard and mouse between the two computers. Within a year I also dumped an entire stadium cup of water into the MacBook. Thankfully I had a bootable backup of it and I could run the Mac Mini as if I were on the MacBook while the laptop dried out. (This is the reason I had the Mac Mini in the first place.)

My first Mac ended up continuing to work for six or twelve months after that accident, but eventually it was acting too strange to continue. So I bought another MacBook. And thus my first Mac became my first three Macs within two years.

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