Project Tapestry

Icon Factory has launched a Kickstarter for Project Tapestry. I’ve backed it. If you care about blogs (I do *cough* Pika), personal websites, and the general population actually encouraging them to exist, I suggest you support Project Tapestry as well. (If it’s in your budget, natch.)

Truth be told I don’t know if I will actually use Tapestry as it is currently defined. It appears to be a mega-feed of social networks (though it will exclude the currently walled gardens of Facebook, Twitter/X, etc) and general real-time alerts. It might be good for me to unify, say, Mastodon and Bluesky into one app. It might be better for me to develop a habit of not tapping into the timeline more than a couple of times per week. (Remember the good old days where the algorithm wasn’t the problem, but rather the endless feed? How quaint.)

What I’m hopeful for is that Project Tapestry finds a way to ease the ability for general users to add sites (RE: blogs) with RSS to their feed. To continue enabling blogs and the “personal internet” to get a foothold in amongst the behemoth attention-sucking companies, regular ol’ mobile users need to have an obvious interface to follow personal sites. Maybe Project Tapestry will figure something out here, or maybe they’ll be able to apply some pressure to Apple/Safari to help enable these things?


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