Redirect Pizza

Remember a couple of days ago when I asked for an HTTPS Traffic Redirection Service? After a fair bit of searching, I think I found just the thing. Oddly this service didn’t come up in organic search, but in one of the clickbait articles that was the 8th result in an organic search.

I give you Redirect Pizza. What a great name!

My searching for “URL redirection service” turned up some possibilities, but they were either UX nightmares or bait-and-switch machines. To be fair, at my level I’m looking for free, and I don’t believe software should be free, but there also doesn’t appear to be any reasonably-priced options. It’s either a free plan or $14/month or something. $14/month is not reasonable for 1 or 2 redirections.

For my little use case ( →, Redirect Pizza had a refreshingly straightforward interface. It just worked, was informational about the status of things as the DNS was winding through the internet, and it also had some personality. My kind of software!

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