Together, Musically

It’s an absolutely frigid, blustery day here in Minnesota. The kind of day where you just don’t want to leave the house. It’s our first deadly cold snap of the season. As an adult you have a back-of-the-mind anxiety saying, “Please, don’t let the power go out.”

Bad luck that it’s coming on a night where the local music boosters board, of which I’m part, is throwing our annual benefit concert. Thankfully the weather is not quite “we need to cancel” territory, but attendance will certainly be impacted. We hope the draw of a brand new high school, and a fantastic new high school auditorium, will bring people out.

It’s always a tiring, but fun, day working with the team on sound check. Seeing how the sausage is made is interesting. By working together hopefully we’ve got things in the best state they can be in given this isn’t a heavily-rehearsed event. Ultimately, the show will go just fine. Every year there are a few acts that simply blow me away. Having seen the sound check, this year is no different.

The cool thing about this concert is that it features students from elementary to high school. You can see the whole path a student can take musically through our school district and beyond. Many years we have a few adult acts as well!

We’ll curse the outdoors on our way into the venue tonight, but we’ll feel a bit of a warm glow of gladness being together for the evening. Musically.

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