Trade Coffee Pricing Gets Convoluted

I’ve had a coffee subscription with Trade Coffee ( for years. It has been a nice tour of various coffees from around the world, roasted across the United States. (Actually, my wife has had that tour, because I only drink decaf these days and this subscription is for her caffeinated beans. More on that later.)

The pricing was pretty nice. With a subscription you received 15% off the listed prices, and free shipping. Also, if you ordered additional bags within 30 days of a subscription order, you would get 15% off and free shipping on those additional bags.

This is how I occasionally ordered decaf from Trade Coffee. However, unbeknownst to me all of the pricing changed in the past month or two. I don’t think I received an email letting me know, but here we are.

Within the last year all of the bags changed from the obvious (in the US) 12 ounces to the non-obvious (in the US) 310 grams. They reduced the size of the delivered product while leaving the prices the same. I don’t recall receiving an email about that, either.

No more 15% off. Free shipping remains on subscriptions (for now). Additional bags, you pay shipping. To be honest, other than the product-size reduction, I think that the pricing might still be about the same when it’s all said and done (for now). And there is this confusing subscription prepay model that seems like it’d give a significant discount (for now).

I keep adding “for now” because it all feels like a prelude to more unannounced changes that end up costing the consumer a lot more. I understand prices need to change, but I just wish these companies would be more straightforward about it. Tell me prices are going up and present them in a non-confusing manner. Or in Trade Coffee’s case, just present them at all.

Let the Great Enshittification continue!

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