Welcome to Wrexham

You should watch Welcome to Wrexham. It’s a wonderfully put together football (the kicking a ball with the foot type) documentary, with a star-studded cast. Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney buy a fifth-tier Welsh soccer team and try to help it rise up the soccer associations. The story telling throughout is largely fantastic.

While I don’t begrudge the owners of professional sports wishing to turn a profit, I feel pretty strongly that profit shouldn’t be the primary goal. Some giant percentage of professional sports owners are already rich and it’s just wrong for them to try to get richer through sports franchises. These franchises are indelibly tied to their communities. Those connections are degraded year after year via greedy owners and the constant quest for profit.

In my opinion any prospective professional sports franchise owner should be required to watch this show in order to see how owners can respect the franchise and community in which it resides. I realize the new Wrexham owners are story tellers at heart, and certainly some wool is being pulled over my eyes, but it sure seems that they take very seriously the stewardship of the Wrexham team. They understand how the team can be an engine for hope and change in the community. They risk quite a sizable amount of their own cash to make things happen for the team and thereby the city.

I will not say more. It is a journey you should take. Since it’s a documentary, you could go look and see what happens, but I suggest if you haven’t already been spoiled you don’t go spoiling it for yourself. Just watch!

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