You’re a Blogger, Not an Essayist

When I get wistful for the internet of old, one thing that strikes me is that all the blogs back then, well, they were just blogs. The idea of weblog was a new one, and of course it is allowed to change and mature, but back then you were allowed to share your thoughts, allowed to change your mind, and allowed to post something without thinking too terribly much. Allowed to write run-on sentences.

Actually, guess what? You’re still allowed to do all of those things!

You don’t need to labor over your posts. You don’t need to have perfect grammar or spelling. You don’t need to leave a post in draft for seven months, pouring over research. (Though you can if you want!) You don’t really need to have an idea.

Just write. Then share.

Blogging is a conversation. It’s a conversation with yourself and it’s a conversation with others.

I’m not going to look down on you for micro-posting on your blog, either. Heck, I might do it myself. I don’t prefer it, though. A blog isn’t Twitter. Just like I don’t think of a blog as something containing 2,000-word, heavily researched posts.

You don’t have to be an essayist. (Though you can be one if you want!) Don’t let those essayists discourage you from blogging.

Just write. Just blog.

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